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People know that they want to be healthier but instead they preferred the comfort of where they are because the fear of losing what they know they fear change they want change it’s evident in your desire to try to be healthier to want to eat healthier and many people will nibble around the edges of it so to speak just so that they can say look I’m trying but they will see no results and when I seen the results José will see it’s not worth it and if it’s not worth it I might as well not make a change then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy with course correction our goal is to help people move beyond the comfort zone moved to where they visualize themselves being or think that they want to be in actually show them that they can change who they are incrementally but they can make changes they won’t take away won’t hurt them and will actually help them achieve the goals that they want. I come from the insurance world I see through health insurance the cost of people have I see the health issues that people encounter and I watch how they deal with rising costs but those costs are not something that has to happen it’s things that happen because of what they do or what they refuse to do what they refuse to do is change their lifestyle to make that course correction to modify how they eat to modify how they live so that they can reduce their healthcare cost and and their impact on not just themselves but their family their savings their retirement when there’s nothing worse than getting into retirement being on Medicare and facing hundreds of dollars a month in drug costs simply because you won’t change what you need to do so that you can reduce and where possible eliminate the use of pharmaceutical medications it’s not an easy thing but it’s something that can be done. So what we do or what I motivated by was first my own personal journey of dealing with health issues chronic health issues that were directly tied to my eating lifestyle and I’ve seen all the studies and I’ve seen all the reports and I’ve seen all of the marketing about the different types but I recognize that the cleanest way and that easiest way to improve one’s health is to eliminate a lot of fats and oils and animal protein and in doing so my health improved my numbers dropped and I believe that it can help others. I also see a lot of people who are suffering from health issues not knowing how to cook and not knowing how to cook without the fats and they didn’t understand your personal nutrition and so they continue to be unhealthy and if you are living a lifestyle where your majority of your costs are going to medications the answer is not to have free healthcare the answer is to improve your diet so you don’t need the medications in the first place. So in dealing with people who are suffering from what is you from it you for medically called food scarcity or food stress a lot of it is this is a result of just not knowing how to cook and if you cook plant-based and if you learn how to cook using natural ingredients and not processed foods one can stretch your dollars improve your health outcomes and improve the size of your bank account. Lotta people fear giving up the things that they enjoy they believe that if they changed her diet and change your lifestyle not coming to eat really great tasting foods and in the will to socialize with their friends and that are in many ways and many times giving up even the culture and I don’t mean foreign-born culture I mean the culture of being safe from New York City and and liking conditions or being from the South in loving you know sweet potato pie or or or fried you know something it it’s it’s that fear of losing what you know culturally or think culturally as the things that make you who you are and while I foods do reflect where we come from they don’t define who we are especially if we can find a way to have some of the foods that we are use to with flavor without all of the harmful side effects of the fats new oils in the animal protein. People are terrified or fearful of disappointment they are so worried that they are going to make these changes and they won’t see what they know they want to have. And that’s what we do a course correction it’s not just coaching leadership and motivation but it’s also how to cook how to shop how to put things together and you put that together as a part of the whole package for the person it’s all of these things have to be there you can’t just attack a person’s health issues by saying let’s go to the gym and only do the gym you cannot say let’s just do the diet you cannot say let’s talk about this from a coaching perspective you have to do all of these things as a complete package it has to be from start to finish or in the old days who call it soup to nuts it would be what you have to do to get yourself to that point in a course correction we work with people we work with people where they are we don’t come to you and say tomorrow we’re gonna make you this will make you that what we do is we try to understand where you are and what you’re dealing with and we help you walk through the door we help you walk through your issues by being there to coach to teach to guide and motivate so we incorporate leadership we incorporate motivational speaking we incorporate all of these aspects of what a lot of people like to parse out and say oh just do this with Justin that we believe and we I and out as as a person who’s gone on this journey and continue on this journey I know that this is an ongoing process and all of these things must be addressed if someone has a spiritual believe they have to embrace it and they have to incorporate that in your lifestyle and by the way I believe that everyone has a spiritual believe it may not be in a higher power but they believe in something everyone does because it’s what we get out of bed for every day.get out of bed for every day.

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